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All of us who work here are dedicated to excellence and uncompromised surgical and prosthetic rehabilitation coupled with positive and caring patient interaction. In addition to providing quality patient care, we are dedicated to research and clinical follow-up. At our center, our main objective is to offer you the highest quality dental care in both prevention and restoration. We listen to your dental concerns, deliver meticulous diagnosis, and develop personalized treatment plans. Often times, interaction and coordination between specialists will be neccessary in order to achieve an esthetically pleasing, high quality standards result. Time, effort and teamwork, will make your desired goals possible. Our objective is to obtain the satisfaction of healthy and beautiful teeth and a feeling of wellbeing in an attractive, relaxed atmosphere.


José Manuel Navarro Alonso. MD PhD MS.

Oral Surgery and Implantology

José Manuel Navarro Martínez. DDS MS.

Prosthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry

María Rodríguez Garrido. DDS MS.


Meritxell Benages Hernica. DDS MS.


Luis Poggio Rosa. DDS MS.


Prof. Javier García Cortéz García. DDS MS.

Fernando Calandria García. DDS MS.


Catalina Cardona Juan. DDS.


Carlos López Spicoli. MD. MS.

Ana Arranz Calvo. MD. MS.

Brånemark Las Palmas

c/ Primero de Mayo, 37 bis
35002 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Tel. +34 928 383 121
Fax +34 928 384 979


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