P.I. Branemark

During the 1950's Professor Brånemark discovered an astonishing application of titanium oxide - when implanted in the bone it was accepted by the body as part of its own. After extensive reasearch and numerous trials, Professor Branemark succesfully placed the first implant into a human patient. Ever since, this revolutionary technique has redefined dentistry as a whole.

Founded in 1989, the Brånemark Osseointegration Centers (BOCs) constitute an international network of clinics that specialize in implant dentistry. The BOC headquarters are located in the Swedish city of Göteborg, where professor Brånemark currently resides. Today there are 13 BOCs sharing a common purpose; to restore the smile of those patients suffering from complete or partial edentulism.

Our center are actively involved in improvement and development of new clinical procedures, led by Professor Branemark himself.

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- The best guarantee is the broad experience of our specialists and the regular follow-up of our patients -

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